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61x35 公分

複合媒材 2019


The Giant Tree at NCKU

61X35 CM

Mixed Media 2019


The giant banyan tree is located on the campus of the National Cheng Kung University-NCKU, so the work is named as "the Giant Tree at NCKU."
Under the protection of the giant tree, the young woman in the lower left positions next to the stroller to be able to talk with the elders, presenting the happiest scene. This is the artistic conception that this work wants to express.






The creation of this series is based on the famous landscape of Tainan, but it is not the way to create the beauty of the landscape.
I want to explore the presentation of the state of mind between the real and the virtual world. What is real? What is illusory?

An extension of the creative visual style:
The duality is one of the basic properties of quantum physics. 

In 1905, Einstein proposed the quantum interpretation of the photoelectric effect, and people began to realize that light waves have both the dual nature of waves and particles. In 1924, De Broglie proposed the "material wave" hypothesis, believing that, like light, all matter has wave-particle duality.

Planck physicist Planck, who won the Nobel Prize in 1918 for his invention of quantum theory, Planck said: "I think that consciousness is the foundation, and matter is its derivative. We cannot see through consciousness. We talk about everything; Everything that exists is assumed to be conscious."

Just like Wang Yangming said: "When you don't look at this flower, this flower is the same as not in the heart. When you look at the flower, the color of the flower is clear for a while, so you know that the flower is inside your heart." Wang Yangming's view of the universe is so Concealed quantum theory, have to serve! Chinese philosophers are always ahead of scientists to understand the true meaning of the universe.

台南景觀的萬花筒-Kaleidoscope of Tainan Landscape