Augmented reality SP

AR自拍的擴增 (ARSP)












In the past few years,I has played some AR apps and saw that girls like to turn themselves into little white rabbits.

Thinking in my heart, isn't AR beside the game's big hit:"Pokemon Go", but the selfie can only be a white rabbit?

So the creation of a series of AR selfie has begun.

About a year and a half ago, after my solo exhbibition put an pause, a series of gold selfie was produced. There are a total of eight works.

However, the effect is not satisfactory, so I put it aside!

Until recently, I have reviewed these works and found out that AR and AI technology have a new look. Does my creation continue to pursue technology?

Thinking further, or retouching this series with AI, I found that some of them are quite interesting, so I will them up here.

Uploaded, but this will not be the final presentation of this series, because the more experimens are involved, the more I reliaze how to practice the human touch on AR or AI is a major focus of this creation.

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