In early 2020, I catched an opportunity with a project, called "0101 Art Fair" and presented by "ARTZDEAL", where the exhibition is located in famous Taipei 101. A major artwork “Contemplation of the Conscious Landscape"”,  was selected and presented in the noble gallery for the exhibition., My work was AR related and could be presented in a demo fashion, the outcome was very promising and get lots of attention. A special presentation in talk at exhibition was executed as well. All in all, an unforgettable experience.

2020年初,我抓住了一個名為ARTZDEAL的實體及線上的藝術展覽會的機會,展覽場地位於著名的台北101。選擇了一件主要的"意識山水的沈思" 藝術作品在高貴的畫廊展出。我的作品也是件AR相關的創作,可以現場展出演方式呈現,結果非常不錯, 並引起了很多關注。 同時還進行了一次現場特別的展演講座。 總之,是一次難忘的經歷。


QR code scan for artwork in depth info  at Artzdeal exhibition

AR demo at Artzdeal exhibition

Artzdeal project in Taipei 101